I have been involved in tennis for over 30 years, the last 29 of which I have spent teaching this wonderful sport. Because tennis is both my passion and a personal elixir, I’ve never tired of either playing or teaching.

Tennis is more than just a game. It’s a journey fraught with a multitude of positives and no negatives. Regardless of the level at which the game is played, it is rich with drama, suspense, physical engagement, and ultimately, a degree of resolution.

Despite instructing others, I’m still developing my own skills both as a player and teacher. Continual evolution is a consistent goal, particularly as an instructor. I continue searching for new and innovative methods to bring each and every student to his/her highest level at a given time. For it’s from that level of both physical and mental competence that she/he can make another move forward. With tennis, the more you understand, the greater your ability to absorb, process and implement additional skills.

Ultimately, I hope to infuse students with the same passion for tennis that I continue to experience. After all, it’s a compellingly positive pursuit…nothing less.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Great blog Martin ! In such few words one understands your passion, skill, knowledge and teachings of such a great sport. Well said. Two thumbs up !!!

  2. True passion lasts a lifetime. We should all have a passion, or two, or three! Tennis is one of my passions too! 🙂

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