For The Very Best, It’s All About The Test

The 2015 French has ended, the results now historical facts

chronicling many of this slam’s most enthralling acts.

Serena and Stan, the winners this year

throughout the tourney seemed impervious to fear.

But Serena’s matches were not flawless affairs,rena 2

her performance at times drawing gasps and stares.

Match-ups both pundits and fans thought would be easy

at times left “The Queen” looking downright queasy.

When Serena’s play is not compellingly strong,

those witnessing the event feel something is wrong.

“Unprofessional” she quipped critiquing her own play

following three-set matches requiring hard work to hold sway.

But in each she persevered leaving vanquished foes in red dust

as if in each battle she thought “dammit, it’s all now or bust!”

In the semis while battling an untimely virus,

a lethargic Serena again showed us

the grit and resolve that’s made her champ of them all

as in the final set she unleashed full wrath on the ball.

In that match against Lucie Safarova,

from the first ball struck, all knew it was over.

All credit to Lucie as she stayed the course

while unable to stop such a dominant force.

And now America’s best, our own drama queen

leaves behind the old number nineteen.

She’s now won her twentieth singles slam title

proving yet again she has no true rival.

Serena now needs calm days of rest

to continue on her calendar year quest

for all four slams…God it could be done!

but only by the women’s world number one.

As I’ve said so often in years gone past, “I now hoist a brew,

to America’s tennis queen, this one’s for you.”

Now on to Wawrinka, Stan that is,Wawrinka

who stole Nole’s thunder and made it his.

Long did he lurk in the shadow of “The Fed”

until the belief he could win was entrenched in his head.

He emerged from that shadow like none before

with strength, agility and weapons galore.

Most speak of his backhand as being best in the game,

but in my eyes his forehand seems much the same.

So off both sides the ball he does pound

running the best of the best round and around.

Through Ihan, Lajovic, Johnson, Simon, Fed and Tsonga he stormed

leaving dejected players spent and disarmed.

And in the final which Nole was favored to win,

Stan simply did what he’d done once again.

He’s proven now beyond any shadow of doubt

that the other Swiss player packs plenty of clout.

So to Serena and Stan, you put on one helluva show,

and from this fan to you winners, “way to go!”











2 thoughts on “For The Very Best, It’s All About The Test

  1. Have always enjoyed your posts. I run to your site every time a major tournament ends to read your reflections, and you never disappoint. Thank you for your witty and well-thought out poetic renditions.

    • @John Wanda Thank you very much. Nothing provides me with greater satisfaction than knowing the ideas I’ve shared have reached readers who appreciate and possibly share my sentiments. I hope to continue writing pieces that you find stimulating. Thanks again for your comment.

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