Today, for the eighth time, Serena Williams captured the Miami Open.SW Miami

It’s not just another tournament. It’s a Masters 1000 event. What’s that mean? Just that the very best male and female players on the planet participate and there are a lot of ranking points and a heap of money to be won. It might as well just be considered a fifth slam.

All pros want to play it and all would love dearly to win it…just once for Christ’s sake! But once clearly wasn’t enough for Serena. Neither was three, or five, or seven. No, no, she just had to have eight. The woman has an insatiable appetite for Miami Open trophies. What, are they made of gold or something?

It looked like glass to me. Hell, if I was ever to win any event, in any sport, or non-sport as for that matter, even a fraction as prestigious as that tournament, I’d want more than a hunk of glass. But that’s just me…

Oh wait, right, right, I forgot, in addition to the hunk of glass, Serena got a really big check, really big!

Personally, I’d just accept the check and give the glass to a relative in need of a nice vase. I mean, come on, it must be a logistical nightmare trying to find space at home for all the hardware.

I know, I know, she’s got more than one house. Two, three, four? Who knows? Maybe she’s got eight and needed one of those particular trophies for each home. So, that means if she wins again next year, she either will have bought another home or she’ll have to rush out and buy another in which to park the 2016 vase, er, trophy.

Regardless, winning the same premiere event eight times is mind boggling.

To put it in perspective, it’s downright Nadalish!

Rafas’ won the French nine times.

It becomes necessary for me to compare Serena’s accomplishment to something comparable, Rafa’s nine, in order to wrap my mind around it.

It’s staggering!

It took Serena a mere 56  minutes to dispatch a terribly over-matched Carla Suarez- Navarro in the final.That’s a really short period of time for a final competition in tennis.

In 56 minutes, a spectator could leave his seat, make a run to the restroom, finish the work, wash his hands, manage his texts, stop at the concession stand, buy a cold one, grab some popcorn from another stand, thread his way through throngs of folks back to his seat only to witness Serena being handed the hunk of glass.

That’s how fast the match, if a 6-2, 6-0 bludgeoning can be called a match, lasted. I suppose it would be similar to buying a ticket to a heavily hyped boxing match, finding your seat, getting situated when suddenly, one minute into the first round, one guy bonks the other squarely on the chin knocking him out cold.

It’s over and you’re left screaming, “get up, dammit, get the hell up and fight some more…please! I paid good money for this seat!”

Navarro tried, she simply had nothing with which to hurt Serena, no jabs, no hooks, no body blows, hay makers, nothing…nothing at all.

The most interesting match was the Serena/Simona semifinal. Lil Halep “the fighter” was the only true test for Serena.

As has become her signature, Halep refused to give up even after being absolutely pummeled throughout the first set. It looked as though it would be a short out for her. But, to her credit, somehow, she won the second set and pushed Serena the distance.

But at the end of the day, once again, Serena Williams has furnished us with more evidence that she is the greatest female to ever play the game.

And, lest we forget, she’s got another really nice vase, a lot more money and an even firmer grasp on the title…

World Number One

and still having fun!


6 thoughts on “Serenahh…

  1. Good Read. BTW Serena is currently adding a addition to her house. Part of the renovation will be a trophy room. I expect it will be larger than my entire house (garage incld). So she will have plenty of space to store those old and new trophies. Hummmmm…. I wonder if she has removed the brushes from her old IW trophy?

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