Sweet Nineteen For America’s Drama Queen

It seemed an eternity tennis had to waitSW's 19th

from 2014 US Open to finally this date.

But we fans worldwide waited, eagerly on hold

for this 2015 Australian Open to start and unfold.

From the women’s draw there was considerable speculation

if Serena’s bid for the win would end again in frustration.

In 2013, shakily, she lost to Sloane

who now is seemingly all but gone.

In the preceding year she was nervously stunned.

By an inspired Ivanovic, she was simply outgunned.

Well, today, battling both a cold and fear,

Serena Williams captured the first slam of the year.

Six times now she’s won the title “down under”

with smoking strokes and serves of thunder.

In the semis against Madison, it was “truth or dare,”

that match a compellingly tense affair.

Serena’s hands were full against the powerful Keys

who pummels every ball that she sees.

Absorbing her power was a daunting task,

a question of herself Serena continued to ask.

But in the end she found both the will and a way

to stick around for another championship day.

In the final against her favorite foe, like a wild banshee she played

while Maria sprinted, shrieked, frowned and prayed.

But all that she did could not prevent loss

to the still undisputed on-court boss.

Maria played hard and gave it her best

but as usual against The Queen, she failed the test.

Honestly, from the outset, all knew it was over

for many’s sweet but outclassed Sugarpova.

One thing about Maria that one cannot ignore,

she never gives up and comes back for more.

So, kudos to world numbers one and two,

all props are deserved by the both of you.

And as the dust now settles, America’s Queen

has reached a new high of sweet nineteen.

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