Hallelujah! “The Eraser” Gives America Another Grand Slam

Serena Williams, alias “The Eraser,” again proved why she is the best female tennis player of this generation and arguably the best ever by winning the Australian Open for the sixth time. And thankfully for us, she is American.

Yes, no gloating intended (just pride), this great champion was produced in, resides in, and represents the good old USA.

Congratulations Serena.

Celebrate our champion America. She carries the tennis torch for all of us.

America is still a powerful country and Serena’s intelligently powerful style of play aptly embodies that actuality. As the younger generation would put it, “She represents!”

And she continues to do it at the age of 33.

With the exception of doubles specialists, the Bryan twins, America has only the Williams sisters to thank for keeping us afloat in the slams arena.

The US could and should do a better job of embracing these women for all that they have accomplished while representing us.

They are strong, intelligent, beautiful women who have acquitted themselves admirably within a sporting arena that has often been chilly if not downright hostile to their presence.

In spite of those sometimes less than favorable emotional conditions under which to play, the Williams sisters brushed it all aside and forged onward buoyed by a strong supportive family unit.

Their rise to prominence was from an unlikely life setting, by what was considered unconventional methods.

Their success epitomizes American perseverance at it’s best.

I often hear motivational admonitions to support American efforts, or see bumper stickers with suggestive “Buy American” slogans.

I agree.

And I further submit that we should also support and buy into our own American champions.

Serena Williams: 2015 Australian Open Champion, now six-time singles titlist down under, 19-time singles slam champion, fierce competitor, philanthropist, Olympian, one of, if not the greatest female tennis player ever.

She’s truly a champion by multiple measuring criteria.

And she’s ours.

She’s American.

4 thoughts on “Hallelujah! “The Eraser” Gives America Another Grand Slam

  1. WOW very nice Article! i’m not American i’m French but have been a #1 Williams fan for years!!
    AMERICA should be PROUD… i wish the French would have a more dominant field!! but we dont and its a pity that most Americans dont see that the Williamses are the only American hope still standing in this wonderful game! they dont get the credit they deserve from the great nation!! it’s Sad but hey the day those ladies retire to me it will be the saddest day in tennis history!!

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