2014 French Open Rafarized Again

Rafael Nadal, the outright “King of Red Clay”

has won the French for the ninth time today.

Ten times entered, nine times victorious,

could a feat so profound be any more glorious?

Again it boiled down to the planet’s two best

set once again for a grueling test.

When Rafa meets Nole, it’s always the same,

undoubtedly tennis but to them not just a game.

Rafa’s first-set loss set an ominous tone

for all knew in his mind the war was now on.

And Nole, despite having one set in hand

appeared to me a troubled man.

His beleaguered look didn’t match the score,

and where in hell was the Djokovic roar?

It was the old “demon of doubt” whispering in his ear

playing havoc with his head now riddled with fear.

The second set could have gone either way

but Rafa responded best with fearless play.

After taking that set, Rafa roared and flexed

while Nole dropped his head sunken and vexed.

It was as clear to me as I’d seen before,

Rafa now poised to slam shut the door.

With demoralizing efficiency, he went about the deed

sending Nole away with the same gnawing need.

“The French,” he must wonder, “Will I ever win?”

“Will I ever even get the chance again?”

There’s no way to tell how the future will go,

but as long as Rafa plays, the answer is NO!

So, bravo Nadal, it’s astonishing what you’ve done

to maintain the title of “World Number One.”Rafa's 9th












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