Stan The Man Can!

For the last two years he’s been on the verge,Nadal Wawrenka final

appearing ripe for ascension, ready to emerge.

The man, Stanislas Wawrinka, about whom I speak

has now scaled the mountain and reached a slam peak.

He felled world number two and one winning first major of the year

playing hellishly great tennis while showing no fear.

In 2013, with Djokovic, two epic losses in five,

left me believing Stan was ready to thrive.

Last year in Australia, Djoker won their wild ride,

while an identical spectacle this year saw Stan turn the tide.

That quarterfinal featured men crushing the ball

leaving many thinking the winner would win all.

And that did indeed prove to be true,

now Wawrinka should be afforded the props he is due.

Any psychological barriers Stan brushed neatly aside

punishing every ball from Rafa in perfectly timed stride.

Stan clearly outplayed Rafa in the first set

blasting missiles off both wings he just couldn’t get.

Rafa appeared confused, having little control

while Stan was composed, on court patrol.

As Rafa grew angrier and punched his string bed,

Stan became emboldened and more entrenched in his head.

In the second set came the most damnable twist

as Rafa suffered another injury to add to his list.

He strained his back leaving him severely impaired

while the crowd grew silent, then murmured and stared.

A medical timeout was immediately taken

to attend to Rafa now emotionally shaken.

He was escorted off court in order to be treated,

but upon return, appeared down and defeated.

As the match resumed, Rafa fueled only by pride,

the crowd was so subdued you’d have thought someone died.

He did all that he could to continue to play

and not rob Stan of his greatest career day.

But Stan grew tentative playing an injured foe.

In this game that’s the way it seems to go.

A half-speed Rafa still won the third set

with many of his shots now finding the net.

In the fourth, Stan recaptured his first-set form

having weathered a nervy emotional storm.

After breaking Rafa, it was clear to see

the match was over and the winner was he.

Many have wondered which guy might break thru,

either Berdych or Tsonga, the top candidates two.

But neither of them could raise a confident hand

because all along it was Stan The Man.


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