Marion Bartoli

Marion Bartoli, well what can one say?bartoli

The last woman standing on finals day.

Winning Wimbledon was a career-long quest,

to prove on grass she could beat the worlds’ best.

Seven matches must be won to emerge atop

of WTA’s finest, the cream of the crop.

She did that deed, and oh how she did beat them down,

losing not a single set on her way to the crown.

That’s one helluva feat to win 14 straight sets,

a dominant performance, as good as it gets.

Once before in 07 she’d reached the final round,

losing to Venus who at Wimbledon could astound.

So winning this year validates that 07 run,

and securing her first slam leaves that task now done.

Marions’ been described as “quirky,” “odd,” while I prefer “unique.”

She’s a player who is different but certainly no freak.

Two-handed off both sides is a fascinating approach,

one inspired by Seles and taught to Marion by her coach.

Those lessons she’s learned well and mastered the technique

creating a conundrum for others when she plays at her peak.

It’s not easy beating a player hitting so hard off both wings

especially when that foe can do other things.

Hard and flat, while that’s her core forte,

she volleys quite well making strict base-liners pay.

Continuously aggressive creating daunting pop,

at the most fortuitous time she’ll toss in the drop.

She’s a complete player who truly knows the game,

an unrelenting opponent consistently the same.

Like the Eveready Bunny, she never runs out of juice.

She seems warm and personable rather than aloof or obtuse.

It’s been reported that she has a very high IQ,

not surprising considering the things she can do.

Sweet Marion B., congrats on your win.

I see no reason why you can’t do it again.

You’ve got the tools, the brains, the game and heart,

so push forward now champion, this is only the start.