Aftershock: SITS (Serena Induced Trauma Syndrome)–Shades Of Poe

Once upon an evening drearyS @ wimby

while she pondered so weak and weary,

having lost yet again to America’s best,

for the 13th time having failed the test,

there came a rapping

as if one tapping,

tapping at her chamber door.

Probably reporters wanting details of the gore,

yeah, likely that and nothing more.

But then a familiar voice piped, “Won’t you open the door?

I wish only to talk and nothing more.

Let’s speak of tennis, I just love the game.

It’s brought to us both great wealth and fame.”

“No she shrieked, I’ll not open this door

for I fear you’ll surely want to hurt me more!

At times it’s terrible, a crying shame

that you begrudge me winning a single game.”

“Yes,” came the reply, “but for me it’s a bitch,

like trying to quell an insatiable itch.”

“Please go away, won’t you just leave

so that I might in peace be allowed to grieve?”

“Oh come now good foe, it can’t be that bad,

surely you don’t feel so totally sad?”

Trembling she replied, “Yes I do,  now please go away

so that I can brood alone for the rest of this day.”

Suddenly she awoke with a shriek and a scream

only to find, it was all but a dream.

Mopping her brow, she stared at the door,

It was “SITS,” a nightmare and nothing more.

10 thoughts on “Aftershock: SITS (Serena Induced Trauma Syndrome)–Shades Of Poe

  1. DIFFERENT SUBJECT: Is it ONLY me or what? Everyone is describing Sharapova as blonde and of blue eyes. I should point out that 99.99999% of blonde women are actually not blonde but a fake version. If things were otherwise then there would be a greater percentage of blond men around.

    If one looks at Sharapova’s hair closely, one would see clearly that the roots are completely not compatible with the ends. Also the eyebrows are very dark which signifies that it is not genuine. There are times when she wears her hair naturally black and yet people either fail to notice or ignore the truth and buy into the cunning ways which the cooperate people use to impress on people what they want them to believe. Are we still slaves?

    I believe that this is one the thing the cooperate people use to trick the sheep-like people. It really annoys me greatly at times to see how the cooperate people can easily trick many of us. A a result, Sharapova is earning lots of money under the false pretense that she is “blonde with blue eyes”. Her eyes are greenish brown and certainly not blue. It really pains my heart!

    Back to the topic Martins take: I truly admire your poetic skills. Well written and well said.

    • Hahaha Kenneth. Well stated point. It was only several years ago that I became completely convinced that there couldn’t possibly be that many natural blondes on the planet. I then began looking hard at every blonde I met or observed in passing, looking for the telltale dark roots. I was stunned by the staggering #’s. Yes, the corporate world needs the Sharapova image. It sells, bottom line, it sells big time!
      Remember, it’s all about image…all about image.
      Thanks for reading the post and for commenting.

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