Serena’s Redemption: How Sweet It Is!

Serena Williams, hot damn, shazam and wow!Serena the great

A 16th singles slam title on her resume now.

This one so fulfilling and ever so sweet,

redemption for last year’s shocking defeat.

Pressure in 2012 was stiflingly weighty

combined with her own expectations proved too much for the lady.

In an emotional implosion she crashed and burned

devoid of the goal for which she desperately yearned.

Serena is determined, this we all know,

so she waited a year prepping again for this show.

With heightened focus, it was a fairly safe bet

that she would probably not drop a single set.

Her first few rounds were routine affairs,

matches about which there were no worries or cares.

Things progressed in that fashion thru the round of sixteen,

Serena bludgeoning opponents as we’ve so often seen.

First set won in the quarters, 6-1 the score,

it appeared she would easily close the door.

All assumed Kutsenova would just go away.

Instead she dug deep, having come to play.

She took the second set, up 2-0 in the third

when suddenly Serena decided to be heard.

“Come on!” punctuated each winner she hit

making it abundantly clear her fire had been lit.

With the champion come alive, tried and true,

there was little “Kutsey,” as Carillo called her, could possibly do.

But, to her credit, “Kutsey” forged onward as hard as she could,

while Serena did what we all knew that she would.

And then came Errani, the little ball machine

but with no real weapons to threaten The Queen.

Still Errani huffed, puffed and continued to try

but the match was over in the blink of an eye.

And then in the finals, wouldn’t you know?

was poor Maria, Serena’s favorite foe.

As they stood at net awaiting the toss of a coin,

all including Maria, knew where this was going.

When the beating was over, I saw a quiver in Maria’s chin

which implied, “Lord, against this woman, why can I never win?”

16 singles slams and she’s not done yet.

Who knows how many more The Queen can get?

The certainty is she will continue as the best

until she and she alone decides to end the quest.

So again to honor Serena, I now hoist a brew,

to the greatest female player, I tip this one to you.

4 thoughts on “Serena’s Redemption: How Sweet It Is!

  1. Ummmmm, are poster size reprints of the photo below available online?   It’s certainly apparent that her talent is both on and off the court, but then we already knew that…


    • @Musical Vagabond Thanks much for your kind words and thanks for reading. There is nothing more rewarding than a readers positive review. Thanks again and please continue to read my blog. I’ll certainly try to keep it interesting.

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