The King of Clay Stays That Way

Rafael Nadal, the King of Red Clay2013 French-Rafa

added more merit to that title today.

For the eighth time he’s found resolve to clinch

at Roland Garros the title known as “The French.”

A staggering feat to hold eight French titles,

to have prevailed in that many epic battles.

Rafa’s half of the draw was filled to the brim

with players obsessed with beating him.

Match by match while not playing his best

he still found a way to pass each test.

Finally came the semis, the round all clamored to see

against Novak of course, who else would it be?

When these two meet there is never a “fail”

as they fight to the finish, tooth and nail.

This encounter was definitely more of the same

as neither would readily relinquish a game.

For hours they struggled, points won were taken

as neither seemed fatigued, besieged or shaken.

Rafa prevailed in five gut-wrenching sets

9-7 in the fifth, as good as it gets!

But there was still one match left to play

to be the last man standing on finals day.

Nadal’s good friend Ferrer lay in wait

hoping to defy an inevitable fate.

Hats off to Ferrer for becoming one of the last two

which at the elite level is so very hard to do.

So friendship aside, what was to be was done,

so that in the end stood only the victorious one.

When it comes to red clay and striking the ball,

none can compare to Rafael Nadal.

So fans and some foes can now openly sing,

“Mallorca’s Nadal, yea, Long Live the King.


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