Maria: The Unforgiven

Oh the horror, the horror! For Maria, the recurring nightmare has yet to end. Problem is, it’s real. It’s not a dream. It’s a wakened-state nightmare.

The horror of it all! And yet, yet she returns for more. I swear, at times it almost seems  masochistic.

For the umpteenth time, (12 in a row to be precise), Serena Williams befuddled, battered, bludgeoned, bested, belittled, bombed…tricked, trounced, trumped, trampled…stupefied, stomped and subjugated Maria Sharapova again in the finals of a tournament of significance, Madrid.2012 Ser Wimb

How is that possible? Sharapova beats everybody else. Why can’t she beat Serena? After all, it’s been nine long years since her win over Serena in the 2004 Wimbledon final.

Well, you see, that’s the problem. She shouldn’t have done it. She messed up big time by upstaging “The Queen” for her first grand slam win and winning the hearts of commentators (one in particular who shall remain nameless), pundits and Americans…

yeah, Americans!

Maria Sharapova, a 17 year-old Russian, became the tall, blond, blue-eyed darling of Serena’s own countrymen despite the fact that Serena was bringing slams and glory to those same Americans who suddenly so avidly embraced the Russian girl.

“Behold, A Female Savior Has Arrived!”

That might as well have been a headline considering the media frenzy following that 2004 Wimbledon. Sharapova was placed on a porcelain pedestal. She was projected to be the next greatest player of all time. She garnered instant commercial success and a cult following.

Teenaged boys swooned over her…uh huh…swooned. Ball boys at her matches were equipped with drool cups attached under their chins.

Okay, that’s maybe a bit exaggerated, but for sure, they became somewhat inept at their ball gathering duties. The poor lads were reduced to raging-hormone enraptured oafs. The doe-eyed bumblers were tripping over their own feet, tossing balls in the wrong direction with impaired aim, all kinds of dumb stuff that smitten teenaged boys do when in the presence of their idea of a goddess.

And toweling off? Don’t even mention it. There wasn’t a ball boy alive at a Sharapova match who didn’t want to get his paws on Maria’s towel after she’d toweled off.

Every company imaginable sought Sharapova’s endorsement services. She could literally pick and choose while naming her own price.

With only one slam victory coupled with very astutely planned promotion, Sharapova became a global sensation.

America just couldn’t get enough Maria. While men salivated over her, women hated but all wanted to look like her.

And this, all of this was done under the watchful eye, or should I say piercing glare of Serena Williams, the American champion who somehow didn’t measure up to this newly created living legend.

Oh man…there was going to be a hefty toll to pay!

“Hell hath no fury like a scorned woman.”

I’m convinced that is how Serena felt, like a scorned woman and she’s spent the last nine years purging.

Maria Sharapova has been Serena’s favorite “purgee.” Regardless of how poorly Serena may be playing, when she gets to Sharapova, a magical transformation occurs.

She whips out her “A” game and commences to administering a hefty dose of “whup ass.”

Now, I wouldn’t go so far as to say Serena hates Maria. Hate is too strong of a word. But I’ll confidently say she has a “rabid disdain” for her.

What? Rabid disdain isn’t as heavy as hate.

It’s the 04 Wimbledon loss and all the hype that’s followed Maria since that fateful day that fuels Serena’s competitive drive when it comes to playing Sharapova.

Serena holds a grudge. She’s held a nine-year-long one against Sharapova.

Just pay attention to the glares from Serena towards Maria the next time they meet.

If looks could kill…

Need I say more?

I think not


15 thoughts on “Maria: The Unforgiven

  1. You are right on the money! Let’s give thanks to the American commentators, especially the hateful Mary Carillo (in my opinion she should only do dog shows). Small wonder America is in such a state. Too much racisim.

  2. Everything you stated was on the money. For years, pundits and Mary Carillo are trying to sell the idea that Serena never forgotten the loss at SW19 back in 2004 and therefore makes it her mission to beat Maria senseless. This is false. Serena resented the fact that the media, the pundits and Mary Carillo would gush over the then 17 year old Sharapova. That she who had one GS compared to Serena’s six at that time would be better than Serena was disrespectful and insulting to Serena. Serena beats Maria like a rag doll to remind the media, the pundits and Mary Carillo that there can over be one queen. I leave you with a quote from Marlo Stansfield.

    “The crown ain’t worth much if the nigga wearin it always gettin his shit took”

    • @ Fos(fan of Serena). Ditto my friend…ditto indeed. So glad to see that others recognize the disrespect shown to our own AMERICAN champion. Thanks for your comment.

  3. You got it all wrong. I’m not a fan of either, but Serena doesn’t hate Maria, it’s the other way around. You don’t believe me? Watch the Miami ceremony when they were both holding their trophies. Maria was so disgusted she wouldn’t even look at Serena!

    • @Sephiz. No argument there. And I would tend to agree with you that Maria dislikes Serena more. Who wouldn’t after all the beat downs Serena has put on her since 2004. Also, I didn’t say Serena hated her, only that she has disdain for her. Thanks for your comment.

  4. @martins take. Boy-oh-boy, what a piece of writing! I agree with every word you wrote in that piece of work. Thanks and keep on being so objectively analytical. I must add too, that as a result of some of the worshiping/adoration of the American people, the corporate bodies and certain fans, Serena was always being subjected to “rooting against” by the many different crowds, including those that were at the 2012 French Open, bad umpire calls and other negative forces and still win most of the times. She is incredibly strong, mentally, and very much of a one-woman warrior. I wish her all the best for the rest of this year’s French Open.

  5. @martins take,I should have written, “I must add too, that as a result of some of the worshiping/adoration of (((Sharapova))) by the American people, the corporate bodies and certain fans, Serena was always being subjected to “rooting against” by the many different crowds, including those that were at the 2012 French Open, bad umpire calls and other negative forces and still win most of the times”.

    • @Keith Mills

      I couldn’t agree more. To have your own countrymen rooting against you is a terrible psychological blow. You are 100% correct about Serena’s mental strength. She refuses to let all the negativity defeat her. Instead she continues to rise to the occasion. America is fortunate to have such a splendid champion. Thanks for your input.

  6. Okay, I think I am a good person, and I normally wish all well, but somehow I take great delight in watching Serena bash Maria. I mean, I can’t get enough. I watch their matches over and over again on Youtube. Even though I know the outcome. And if there was an award for the person who has watched their 2012 Olympic Gold Metal Match, I would have no competition for it.

    • @Allinthetoss Haha…good for you. Indeed, those beat-downs are somehow quite fascinating to watch. Serena is still the Queen bee. Thanks for your comment. I think many others probably share your sentiment.

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