Back to Madrid

For players at Madrid, now gone is the dread,

for the clay has been changed from blue back to red.

Last year’s experiment with clay courts of blue

for television viewing was too good to be true.

For once nownow you could see the ball well,

but unfortunately the courts were giving some hell.

They were more slippery than traditional red clay,

which hampered the ability of some to play.

Both Rafa and Nole clearly hated the stuff,

while Serena and Roger couldn’t get enough.

Top players are a must and command attention

especially when embroiled in bitter dissension.

The top-two men stated, “This is insane,

unless things are changed we’re not playing here again.”

So pressure was on Tiriac, what would he do?

As expected he caved and got rid of the blue.

Now this year, snap, wouldn’t you know

that some are now saying the courts are too slow?

A court is a court, all measuring the same,

and at the end of the day, tennis is just a game.

That’s why at times, I just don’t understand,

for the kind of loot they make, I’d play in quicksand.

It could drive a person loony, totally out of his mind

trying to please all players all of the time.

Lets hope for the sake of this tournament

that most can at least find enough contentment.

There’s a lot going on in our world today

outweighing conditions of courts for play.

I love this sport, and still feel the same,

but at the end of the day, it’s only a game.

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