The Return of Nadal

The greatest on clay, Spain’s absolute best

has finally reemerged to resume his quest.

While injury forced him to be seven months away,

the king has returned on his precious red clay.

I know it’s been agony as surely it would

waiting and healing, doing what little he could.

Nadal is strong and amazingly agile

but his Achilles heal is that the knees are fragile.

He’s very physical, that’s just his style.

To win a single point he might run a mile.

Now gradually he’s testing the injured left knee

cautiously probing how effective he’ll be.

If recent results are true and telling

he’ll soon have fans again awed and yelling.

He’s played three tournaments while winning two

leaving frustrated foes asking, “what’s a guy to do?”

I for one am happy to see

that Rafa seems not to be favoring the knee.

He’s been gliding and sliding making mincemeat of all

while applying that wicked lefty spin to the ball.

He’s pushing and prepping to be fit for the French

where seven times now he’s not yielded an inch.

If all goes well, Djoker, Fed and Murray

will again have cause to wonder and worry,

“Can this guy still beat us, is he still good enough?”

“Can he actually still be nearly that tough?”

Yes indeed, I think that he can.

Remember he’s a soldier, on clay he’s the man.

And after the French we’ll all know a bit more

about whether the top three will again become four.

All are excited about the added intrigue

that Rafa brings when back in the league.

Let’s hope to witness a healthy Nadal

on all surfaces again just crushing the ball.

There are still slams waiting for your relentless attack,

so Rafa, it’s truly great to see you back.Rafa - Brazil


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