Hail Serena!

Serena Williams, now what have you done?

Is it true that you’ve returned to number one?

According to points, that must be accepted

and your number one ranking universally respected.

In the past when asked if you could do it really,

you just laughed and said, “Please, outrageous, that’s silly.”

So whether you wanted it was hard to gauge

as you performed tennis magic on center stage.

But now we know what only you really knew,

how truly important that goal was to you.

Despite all the drama, the play and some fears,

after beating Kvitova, you were reduced to tears.

And amid all the cheers, claps and commotion,

I was so happy to see you engulfed in emotion.

Though it took awhile, you did the deed

out of the will to win more than just a need.

But now Serena, are there goals yet you desire?

Do you have reason to still stoke the competitive fire?

A rediculous question I must confess,

as I think the answer is a resounding “yes.”

There are slams for you still to be won

before your career is over and done.

And there are admiring youth about whom I think you will abide

as a teacher, mentor, example and guide.

All you’ve achieved wasn’t done alone,

so when the time is right, pass the torch to Sloane.

I think she can keep the flame alight,

keep American women’s tennis at a lofty height.

But before you finish and bid tennis adieu,

there is much work left for you to do

so when debates are concluded, all is said and done,

you’ll leave a legacy as the best, the champ and greatest number one.rena 2


4 thoughts on “Hail Serena!

  1. Martin – You have talent, and not just on the tennis court!. Hoping to see you one of these days. Charlie


    • Thanks Charlie. Great tennis provides plenty mental stimulation for me. I just try to convey what I feel to others who may have similar feelings. It’s a great game!

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