2013 Australian Open: A Brief Review of The Champions Two

The first slam of the year is done and booked,

but before the dust settles, here’s how it looked.

Last years’ champs both defended their crown

as none could step forward to take them down.

The Fed, the maestro, though still on a throne,

is no longer sitting there safely alone.

The landscape is changing, not quite the same

as Djoker continues to gain more fame.

Both Fed and Nadal feel heat on their backs

as Djoker gains ground from slam attacks.

His repeat was no surprise as most felt that he would

but in great part it’s because he thought he should.

His belief in himself usurps all doubt,

and losing is not what Djokers’ about.

He finds ways to win when there appears to be none

leaving perplexed opponents frazzled and done.

He seems to possess supernatural powers

which allow him to play for hours and hours.

Recovery for Nole is swift and complete

leaving him well prepared again to compete.

And even when Wawrinka stretched him to five,

he still found resolve to keep hope alive.

How he does it remains a mystery to me.

Maybe for him it’s just meant to be.

On the women’s side, it’s hard to say

that the best player was victorious on finals day.

I watched, pondered, but just couldn’t be sure

because one semifinal felt less than pure.

Vika is Vika and she certainly won,

doing what she had to to get the job done.

Maybe she “iced” Sloane, who’s really to say

because the winner is still winner at the end of the day.

So, kudos to the champs for “doing the do,”

leaving millions of fans marveling at you.

Though neither player can be considered a cinch,

the goal for both now is surely the French.

If either or both can win in France,

it would give, he, she or they more of a chance

to bring fans reason for great awe and cheer

hailing players holding four slams in a calender year.




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