Venus Williams about whom there is much to admire,

with such calm exterior yet inner fire.

Venus the quiet American champ,

the older of two greats from the Williams camp.

An American success story, a gifted athlete,

unafraid of adversity, ever willing to compete.

At an age quite young, Venus 11 years old,

I was privileged and awed to first behold,

the skills, the power, the desire to achieve

what others might imagine but never believe.

But Venus believed and did fulfill her potential

using qualities for success her parents deemed essential.

There were times when Venus had every right to be mad,

instead she bravely just dealt with the bad.

Through trials and tribulations, even once badly cheated,

the spirit of Venus could not be defeated.

Win or lose, there’s rarely a sigh

as she still gives her all with head held high.

Sometimes now, though she may not feel the best,

there’s never a whimper, but always the quest,

to play, compete, do the best that she can.

That’s the goal, a mission, forever her plan.

Athletes like Venus are exceedingly rare,

while beautifully engaging and unfailingly fair,

she champions causes on and off the court,

giving generously to charities in need of support.

And such a fine role model for young girls to see,

a champion never saying, “It’s all about me!”

There is much more good I could easily say,

instead, I recommend you just see her play.

That chance will come soon, I’ll be watching and hoping,

the best for “Vee” at the U S Open.

9 thoughts on “Venus

  1. very well put, the Media never talks about the real role models. (maybe she should do a dance)

  2. Very well said Dan. I thank you for giving Venus Williams some love. She gets forgotten in all the excitement about Serena.

  3. You are a gifted writer, my friend, and a great tennis observer. We all love Venus and are proud when she does well.

    • @John Wanda Thanks much for the compliment. I love words. Tennis has been a passion and elixir for me for many years. So writing about tennis is very satisfying, especially if others enjoy the words about tennis I share. Venus inspires me. Always has. She is such a compellingly classy champion. I can vividly remember recent days past when pundits were strongly suggesting she retire. It brings me great pleasure watching her silence those critics.
      Thanks for your comment.

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