Could This Be My Lucky Day?

The 2013 Australian Open is well underway. While I’m sleep deprived and bleary-eyed from watching matches (I’m compelled to see a match through to conclusion) well into the wee hours of the morning, I’m happily engrossed in my element.

With the first slam in progress, while watching replay of a second round match and alternately perusing a January 16 issue of DRF (daily racing form), my attention was suddenly captured by a situation too highly suggestive to be mere coincidence.

There it was in black and white. In the fifth race at Gulfstream Park in Florida, horse number four is named Sharapova Slams. “How interesting” I thought…first slam of the year and here in the 5th a three-year-old filly named Sharapova Slams.

Now that alone ordinarily wouldn’t be enough to elicit any more than a passing bit of “hmmm” type interest. But then, as though a screaming signal, I found in the very next race that horse number one is named Lobshot! Can you believe it?

Well, that did it for me. You don’t have to prod me any more than that. I can’t possibly ignore what might seem to a more rational man, a simple coincidence. No way man! This is a clear sign. I’m gonna make a quick trip to the nearest OTB (off track betting facility) and get some cash down on a daily double coupling Sharapova Slams in the 5th with Lobshot in the 6th.

Gotta have some of this action!

Could this be my lucky day?

I won’t know if I don’t play.

Come on, what could be any more intriguing? It’s gotta come in…

Keeping all my fingers crossed just in case. You know, a little superstition goes a long way in this type situation.

I’m off…

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