Serena, Serena, she’s still the one

defying all challengers to get the job done.

Like magic, presto, alakazam,

she’s a four-time winner of America’s slam.

In the opening set as the match began

from all appearances it looked again

that Serena would cruise and win with ease

like Wimbledon and Olympics, just a breeze.

But things got tense as the match grew older

when Vika found her game and became much bolder.

Despite against Serena she was one and nine,

the young woman felt she could win this time.

She seized momentum and the second set too

leaving Serena hard work still left to do.

She showed skills, guts and spirit as well

as she bravely fought to give Serena hell.

So Vika shrieked louder as she gave her all,

both women absolutely just crushing the ball.

Serena blinked first and lost her serve

while Vika began struggling to find the nerve

to close out the queen, America’s best,

to hurdle this obstacle, to pass this test.

3-5 down in the third, appearing destined to lose,

Serena found the heart and will to refuse.

Serena has reserve to call upon

to prove when it counts, she is second to none.

The champ snatched victory from what appeared certain loss,

affirming once again that she’s still the boss.

When Serena is done and leaves the game,

it’s hard to imagine it being the same.

And when debate concludes, all is said and done,

she’s the best, the champ and truly the one.


4 thoughts on “Serena

  1. I Know a lot of us have said it, “But what could have been”. This is truly selfish on my part, in a few years we’ll be sitting around the checker board, and this young-whipper-sapper will walk up talking about Susie two-hander winning her 25 grand slam and will say Serena would have cleaned her clock. And he’ll say “Serena who, she ONLY HAD 15, 16”

    Thanks Marty.

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