The Eraser: A One-Woman Wrecking Ball

Serena, our Serena, America’s tennis queen,

the best female player that I’ve ever seen.

After proving at Wimbledon that she has no equal,

what could possibly be done as a fitting sequel?

The Olympics, ah yes, that damn medal of gold

proved a suitable quest for our queen so bold.

So, individual agendas Serena set aside

as she played for our country, for our national pride.

As the games commenced it was immediately clear

that Serena was “on” and feeling no fear.

And one could sense she had made a decision

that bringing glory to our country was her greatest mission.

It was obviously war from the opening bell

as the first of opponents to Serena’s weaponary fell.

Jankovic simply had no reply

as Serena dispatched her in the blink of an eye.

Next came Radwanska who fell victim to the queen

as she produced shot after shot the poor girl hadn’t seen.

One could say the third match was a maim,

as Zvonareva managed to win only one game.

And then Wozinaki succumbed appearing in shock

as Serena seemed younger, as having turned back the clock.

Surely world number one could put an end to this act,

could quell the onslaught of the queen’s attack.

But Azarenka, Vika as she likes to be called

was outclassed, embarrassed and clearly appalled.

And now the Olympic odyssey is over

as today “the eraser” destroyed Sharapova.

Serena, our queen-a, how do you do what you do?

Wish more American players would try to emulate you.

Your fire, your passion, your push to succeed

are lessons for life many desperately need.

2012 Olympic Gold Medalist

10 thoughts on “The Eraser: A One-Woman Wrecking Ball

  1. Did you know what dance she was doing at the end?
    Most of us thought it was just fun time, you media folks and turn anything bad!

    • I saw it as just a “jig of joy.” Others identified it as the “C Dance.” Whatever dance it was, it was very abbreviated and, to my eyes, well executed. I don’t understand all the fuss over it.

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