Roger Federer: The Man

For all those who said

“The Fed” is dead,

You’re now probably sulking and seeing red

or maybe just puzzled and scratching your head

wondering how a guy now 35 years old

could still have strokes so crisp and bold?

Have you not been watching or not been told?

He’s “the maestro,” “the man,” his game is gold.

Yeah, Rogers’ still kicking, alive and well,

making new history for books to tell.

Andy, Novak and others all fell

while Roger dipped again into the Australian well.

Aussie hard courts are “The Proving Ground,”

where only the best get to wear the crown.

That’s why “The Fed” is still around,

swinging for records and getting down.

He’s a legend, a champ, simply the best

standing heads and hands above the rest.

In France he’ll now renew a quest

to conquer red clay,  the ultimate test.

If he completes that goal which I know he can,

on the tallest podium we’ll see him stand,

for his 19th slam win, his master plan.

He’s “The Fed,” the champ and still “The Man.”


4 thoughts on “Roger Federer: The Man

  1. I thought I was a pretty big Fed fan, but I stand corrected. Good one and long live the now undisputed GOAT.

    • @Mac Alexander. Thanks for sharing the tribute to Fed. He has earned every shred of respect that he gets. His accomplishments are legendary.
      Unfortunately, fans can often be extremely fickle and judgmental. One loss when they expected him to win provides them with fodder to build a case for why he should retire. That’s silly. The GOAT is still a viable part of the mix. He, on countless occasions, has shown that he can bounce back. He could not have become the all time leader in grand slam singles titles if not for his resiliency.

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