The Eraser: Still Kicking, Still Erasing, Still Proving She’s Still The Best

After her shocking first-round loss in the French Open just two weeks ago, Serena Williams has determinedly marched through the 2012 women’s Wimbledon draw to reach the finals.

I’m not the least bit surprised.

After all, Serena Williams is “The Eraser,” the woman who historically seems compelled to erase bad tennis memories from her mind. And she holds a grudge until the erasure is complete.

Make no mistake about it, Serena’s been pissed off since her loss at the French to Virginie Razzano, the 111th ranked player in the world.

Generally, Serena looks to demoralize the same woman who handed her defeat in a match she feels she should have won, especially if it occurs in a slam.

Unfortunately, Razzano wasn’t available so the number two ranked female player in the world, Viktoria Azarenka, had to suffice today as the punching bag.

Serena broke her own Wimbledon record of 23 aces recorded against third round opponent, Zheng Jie, by serving 24 to dispatch Azarenka in straight sets, 6-3, 7-6(6). She’ll now face Agnieska Radwanska in the finals.

Radwanska is a very capable player. She’s crafty and doesn’t beat herself. She’s also an excellent defender. But if Serena plays her game and controls the nerves which have become somewhat problematic in these late stages of a stellar career, it’s lights out.

Serena Williams is in an excellent position to add another major to an already impressive resume. She’s won this tournament four times before. She knows what it takes to get the job done.

The added motivation of wanting to erase a horrible memory of the French debacle and prove to the world that she is still the best female player on the planet may be all that is needed to propel her to victory.

On the other hand, the pressure of wanting this title so badly and self-imposed expectations as well as those of others, could cause an implosion. If that happens, yet another woman will become a first-time grand slam winner.

For the record, my money is on “The Eraser.”


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