Madrid And The Courts Of Blue


These words I’ve penned are written for you,

about a tournament in Madrid where the clay was blue.

It stirred controversy and complaints from more than a few,

did these newly installed clay courts of blue.

Sentiments from players were, “Can this possibly be true,

that we will actually be playing on clay that is blue?”

They ranted and cursed did most of this crew,

as they slipped and slid on the new clay that was blue.

But yellow balls were more visible through the air as they flew

in wonderful contrast to the courts of blue.

Yet something seemed odd and a bit askew

from the transition of clay from red to blue.

At the conclusion of matches or the beginning of new,

very few players seemed happy with blue.

But the tournament continued and the controversy too,

about whether tennis should be played on clay courts of blue.

To their compatriots did fall the men’s top two,

swearing never again to play on clay courts of blue.

And when the dust had settled, champions crowned anew,

there was little good said about the courts of blue.

Still, to Serena and Roger, accolades are due

for becoming first champions on those clay courts of blue.

And when all had ended, and away cheerless players flew,

the tennis world was left pondering the merits of blue.

4 thoughts on “Madrid And The Courts Of Blue

  1. It’s true, the court was hued blue. Few knew how well they’d do. Thanks to you for this prose so new.

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