“The Eraser” Continues To Impress And Depress

Serena Williams is thirty years old. By professional tennis standards, that’s considered through one’s prime playing years. Yet, she continues to compete, and in saying compete, I’m being kind to the players she is bludgeoning, against the youngest and best female players in the world.

Today Serena added another title to her impressive list of tennis accomplishments. And she did so very easily in the Madrid Open on a new and controversial surface, blue clay.

At one point in the match, Serena lost footing on the lovely but slippery blue clay, fell, and landed on her bottom. For the fashion conscious, and that would certainly include Serena, I’d like to duly note that the blue clay on the back of her skirt after the fall matched quite nicely the hue of the top she wore. If you must fall, by all means, go down in suitable attire.

Concerning Serena’s win today, I couldn’t settle on a word to describe what she did to the world’s number one ranked female player, so I provided a sentence with a blank space along with a list of verbs from which readers can select and insert the one that best captures their own personal assessment of the match.

Here’s the sentence: Today, in the Madrid Open final, Serena Williams__________________the world’s top ranked female player, 6-1, 6-3. Below are the verbs from which to choose.

beat, defeated, annihilated, demoralized, destroyed, dismantled, discombobulated, trounced, bashed, clubbed, walloped, punished, pummeled, or castigated. Feel free to choose one not included in this list. There definitely are more.

I chose “punished” simply because, as noted in a previous post entitled, The Eraser, I cited an occasion on which Azarenka gave Serena a scare in a match of some significance. Serena didn’t appreciate that. So, in my mind, she continues to punish Azarenka for that indiscretion.

Serena has now won seven of her eight clashes, well maybe not clashes but matches, against Azarenka.

I’m sure Serena wishes it was 8-0, but what’s a girl to do?

As the adage goes, “You can’t win em all.”

But don’t tell that to Serena Williams. Her reply would probably be, “Well, you can damn well try.”

Coming from her, I’d not argue the point. (I wouldn’t argue a point on court with her either)

Thirty year old American champion, Serena Williams, continues to impress the tennis world and depress opponents unfortunate enough to face her when she is healthy, fit and motivated.

Under those circumstances, she is still the best female player on this planet.

Point rankings aside, Serena Williams is the real number one.

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