Adult Tennis And…A Bar Stool?

While perusing my substantial collection of Tennis Magazines dating back to 2008, I chanced upon identical nuggets of advice concerning forehand stroke production. Two of three articles published were from the esteemed Bollettieri Tennis Academy.

The suggestion was that when about to hit a forehand, students should simulate the action of beginning to sit onto an imaginary chair (while having shoulders turned and racket back) and then exploding upward into the incoming ball.

That’s sound advice. It ensures the application of several key fundamentals of preparation, which, when coupled with good footwork, can prove crucial to generating a productive stroke.

I do agree with this basic principal. However, some of my adult students are like myself; of a more mature vintage. For us, assuming the chair-sitting posture repeatedly prior to striking a forehand may prove somewhat challenging.

I’ve found a suitable modification that’s less demanding and works quite effectively. Rather than simulating sitting onto a chair, try simply lowering your posterior towards an imaginary bar stool instead and explode upwards from there. I’ve performed the experiment. It works.

Who cares if it’s more of a minor ascension than major explosion. You won’t be penalized points for lack of effort.

Bar stools are higher. I know. I’ve fallen off one before. It’s a long way down to the floor. So clearly, moving upward from that seat height is a shorter shift and easier than doing so from a lower position.

Remember, leave the extreme posture stuff to the kids whose little bottoms are already closer to the seat of a chair anyway. Plus, their unadulterated little knees can bend with absolute impunity. Some of ours might not. My own simply say “no.”

4 thoughts on “Adult Tennis And…A Bar Stool?

  1. The only thing you forgot was the instructions on how to grunt/bellow correctly while sitting on/rising from the barstool. Thinking visulizing slamming your hand in a car door, or having an amorous finale would be the best simulation for that particular technique.

    • Well, one might simply try to simulate the grunt made when attempting to button up a pair of blue jeans that you could slip into easily 10 years ago….unnnhhhhhyow!!

    • Indeed! It is a good story involving the sampling of various cold brews in an effort to establish which was the best of the lot. All in the interest of science and all…

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