Stosur Stumbles

2011 U.S. Open champion Samantha Stosur was upset in the first round of the 2012 Australian Open, her national championship. I know that is a tough loss for her, but I’m not really shocked. I am a little surprised that it was a first round disaster. I thought she might go three or four rounds.

It may sound harsh to predict that a freshly crowned grand slam champ had little chance to repeat even a facsimile of her recent slam success, but unfortunately, that is the state of women’s tennis at the moment. If Serena and Venus are not healthy, then any one of, oh I don’t know, say, 128 players could conceivably win. That’s stretching it a little but you get my drift. No offense intended to the wonderfully beautiful, shrieking corp of female players. I love women and women’s tennis. How could a male not love watching them play? They are all so gorgeous. And the beauty coupled with athleticism makes for a delightful viewing experience. You’d have to have had a lobotomy to not enjoy it.

In my opinion, the only problem with women’s tennis is the total lack of predictability. I think that is largely due to the “clone syndrome.” They all seem to play the same game, which consists of hitting the ball as hard as possible from side to side until one player or the other makes an error. I’m not implying that it’s not good tennis because it is. Any one of those ladies would knock me off the court with little or no fanfare. There’s just so little variety that it almost appears scripted; “okay, I’ll bang the ball over there to you and shriek, then you shriek and bang it back to me over here, then I’ll shriek and bang it back to you…” and on, and on, until somebody, anybody, wins.

I still like watching the tennis though, and occasionally a player will break the pattern by coming in to net. That so startles me that I momentarily come out of my stupor, sit bolt upright and scream, “somethings about to happen!”

Finally, here’s a bit of current trivia for you. Who is Sorana Cirstea? You don’t know do you? That’s okay. I didn’t either. She’s the woman who beat the reigning U.S. Open champion in the first round of the first major of this year. Surprising? Maybe not.

3 thoughts on “Stosur Stumbles

  1. You’re correct that the athleticism, the grace, the competition, and…..oh yeah, the short skirts all make women’s tennis a viable source of male entertainment. Sure beats the days of Billie Jean King, I’ll tell you that!

  2. Way harsh. But (ouch) there’s more than a grain of truth in what you say. So what can we do to get the women to mix up their shots and have more competitive matches?

  3. Sorana Cirstea, you know her Martin. We watched her doubles match in ’09 at the US OPEN against Serena and Venus. Cirstea’s doubles partner was Wozniacki. At that time she looked like she needed some strength. She is also a type of player who keeps hitting the ball back to you until one makes an error.

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